New Balance | Women's Fresh Foam Cruz Decon
New Balance | Women's Fresh Foam Cruz Decon
New Balance | Women's Fresh Foam Cruz Decon
New Balance | Women's Fresh Foam Cruz Decon
New Balance | Women's Fresh Foam Cruz Decon
New Balance

New Balance | Women's Fresh Foam Cruz Decon

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The Fresh Foam Cruz Decon for women is an alternative take on a favorite silhouette. This pared down version features an all-knit upper with a built-in lacing system in place of the midfoot saddle used in the original. The textured material gives you style to last throughout the winter, while the famously soft, lightweight Fresh Foam midsole is designed to deliver premium plushness underfoot.

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New Balance Fresh Foam

It is great to find a new pair of athletic shoes that fit great and feel good all day long. Most people live in their athletic footwear and may even wear them to work and in their spare time. When you are looking for shoes that will be comfortable for hours at a time, consider New Balance fresh foam. New Balance has developed this special type of foam that is designed to provide your foot with padding that will keep your feet and legs from tiring easily, even after a long day.

What is New Balance Fresh Foam?

Your feet perform a lot of work. They get you where you want to go and they also take you through many forms of exercise. Your feet and legs can get tired and they can hurt after a long day. One way to keep your feet and legs from feeling the pain of walking and running is by wearing shoes that protect your body.

New Balance fresh foam is a new inner sole design that is added to their line of athletic shoes. Fresh foam is engineered for precision comfort and at the same time offer a lightweight feel. The result is a cushiony insole that won’t weigh you down. New Balance fresh foam is used in a variety of athletic shoes and is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

With every step you take you will feel the cushiony softness of the fresh foam insole. The foam midsole is located inside the middle of the shoe so it will never move or get out of place. It will continue to provide support for the life of your shoes.

This new technology has been added to a complete line of shoes that includes running, walking and lifestyle athletic options. You will feel like you are walking on foam when you wear New Balance fresh foam shoes.

New Balance Athletic Shoe Styles

We carry a wide variety of New Balance shoes for men and women. The popular fresh foam Arishi is styled for men and women. The Arishi fresh foam style is a comfortable, lightweight running shoe that has a synthetic and mesh upper with a rubber outer sole and a fresh foam midsole. The Cruz Decon style also utilizes the exclusive fresh foam midsole as does the Crush style.

The Cruz Decon is a fashionable shoe that has an all-knit upper and also has built-in laces. It is sturdy enough to wear year-round but still offers the famous foam midsole that protects and supports your feet with every step. The Crush women’s New Balance shoe is designed for the active woman. Your feet will be cushioned throughout with the special foam molded upper that provides a support and a protective barrier.

New Balance has always been known as an innovator in the athletic shoe market and their shoes are worn by athletes and celebrities around the world. When you are looking for a pair of athletic shoes that will give you all day comfort and style, consider the New Balance athletic shoe line with fresh foam.